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Thanks for stopping by! I've been collecting World War II posthumous Purple Hearts and valor groupings for some time now, and I felt it was time to honor some of our heroes with this site.
Sadly, many of the medals in my possession were obtained from flea markets, antique malls, garage sales, estate sales, and online auctions.  As a collector, I am a historian first, and feel it is important to put a story to the medal.  Hopefully these medals and their research will be around long after I'm gone, still honoring our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who fought so bravely over 60 years ago.

Please follow the links on the left to view other pages on this site. 
Purple Heart History is a page for collectors and historians showing the history and development of the medal from its inception to the current day.
Clicking on Purple Heart Collection will show you some of the items in my World War II Purple Heart collection, with histories and expandable photos.
Interesting Medal Groups are detailed pages showing some of the more historical or complete medal groups I've had the honor to own.
In eBay and Engraved Medals section I show some of what I generically call "privately engraved" medals which have been sold on eBay.  Some were meant to defraud the uneducated buyer, others were simply listed by people who didn't know the difference.